How to care for your products

Now that you have purchased our lovely products, follow these simple steps to continue enjoying the fragrance and ensuring the aroma will linger on and create everlasting special moments.  

Candle Care


  • Always trim your candle wick to approx 5mm before your first use
  • With every burn, ensure your candle has been burning long enough to create an even melting pool to the edge of the glass to ensure your candle burns efficiently with no waste
  • After you extinguish your candle, re-adjust the wick back to the center before the wax sets
  • Trim your wick before each burn to ensure a cleaner brighter burn without any soot or debris to spoil you candle and helps your candle last longer
  • Never burn your candle to the very bottom of the glass, leave at least 5mm, so there is no danger of you glass container exploding.

     Reed Care


    • We use the finest e-Porex reeds for our diffusers, which means there is no need to frequently turn the reeds to keep the aroma fresh.
    • Arrange the reed sticks evenly in the bottle to give an even throw in your room
    • If you want a strong throw, use all six reeds provided with your product
    • If you want a more subtle throw, then use less reeds in your aroma bottle
    • Place your reed bottle where there is good airflow in order for the fragrance to circulate around the room, avoiding windows and radiators as heat can evaporate the fragrance faster