My Journey



After years of working in the city and enduring the hectic life of travelling in and out of London for over 15 years, I decided it was time to take a little break and do the things that I love the most before time would pass me by and rebalance myself.

I had set myself a little goal for my time off from work, to travel, enhance my photography experience, and indulge in at least one new hobby to make the time off worthwhile.

First on the list obviously had to be travel, and why not! for once I didn’t need to pack a work laptop or carry an extra mobile phone to keep up to date with whatever shenanigans were going on back at the office. So off I went to see a bit more of the world than a usual 10 day break, Phuket, Koh Samui, Bangkok, Andalucia, Madrid, and Amsterdam, with my second love in tow…my camera!

Back from my wonderful travels, and lots of awesome memories, goal number two was easy! Upload pictures make lots of cool albums and video’s, and share, share, share…

So goal three, I was trawling the net to find a new hobby or skill I could acquire, but just wasn’t getting that ‘wow I’d really like to do this’ feeling, when my son Rishi pointed out that I should perhaps do more with my current hobby ‘fragrances’ and perhaps combine my love for fragrances with my business mind..

I have always had a love for fragrances, name me a woman who doesn’t! I love having candles and reeds around the house to bring character and ambiance to every room in  my home. I was already playing around with essential oils and synthetic fragrances using recipes I would find on the internet. I learnt a lot from my very first fragrance book called Perfume by Karen Gilbert.

I realised my son was right, and so the transition from playing around with oils,  wax and wicks to getting serious and creating my own products began. This entailed signing up to courses to understand the psychology of smell and how our sense of smell plays an important role in our well being, learning about blending techniques, and how different fragrances work together, and candle making, how different types of wax behave with different strengths of fragrance.

This followed months of sourcing raw materials, playing with over a hundred different  fragrances at different strengths and percentages and working on those top, middle and base notes to create the blends, then testing and more testing of a combination of different types of good quality wax with a numerous range of wicks, until finally I reached perfection and 'bhvna' launched, I completed my third goal, thank you Rishi for the inspiration!

‘bhvna’ means love and feel good emotions, I hope that my unique fragrances will bring a lot of love, joy, happiness and feel good emotions with a little luxury to your world.





                 Using the finest fragrance oils and high quality wax to bring hand made luxury to your space